Information Request

After the initial agreement, we receive pre-process the data in any form: Excel, CSV, etc. We can also helps the client to collect the data through different platforms or sensors.

Brief Definition

The data is analysed and the results are presented to the client's team. The project objective is defined. The workflow is designed to integrate designemergente service with client's system. This is an iterative process with the team

Optimization Process

we add the ingredients to the cauldron to prepare the potion. The cooking process is open and we can help to clarify any question. If necessary we can add more ingredients, like scale of a dragon.

Report & Handover

We will prepare a report with the results and any other outcome agreed during the brief definition stage. In this step we can also season the potion to taste better.

Feel free to reach me for any question, suggestion, challenge... We are keen to learn more about new projects and opportunities to contribute, build long term relations and serve people through our skills. Fill the form below or reach me through linkedin, twitter or github.

The very best
Carlos de la b.