Iconic Road Bridge construction images

Digital Fabrication

The fabrication process implies the use of technologies like CNC, Laser Cut, 3D print, Drones, etc. Although the construction had gain speed and security, the human factor during the assembly process is still necessary. A bottle neck effect emerge, the speed is reduced and the security control needs to be reviewed and reconsidered. Currently, many ongoing researches in the use of robots are being carry on, to resolve this issue. For example, the research to build in Mars, will bring new ideas and new technologies to apply in building construction.

The following images shows part of the construction process of the abi bakr road iconic bridge. The design optimization process of this project, was discussed in a previous article.

Image References: IDOM Alfredo Bäumler Schilling, Ingeniero Civil Estructural Senior | Project Manager en IDOM Marco Suarez Pizarro, Partner Architect at IDOM México


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