Designemergente is a group initiated to develop technology and provide optimal design solutions through artificial intelligence.


Design Optimization

Designemergente develop Laga, an open source genetic algorithm library to find the most effective solutions in multi-objective design problems. We also help our clients to reveal hidden patterns in databases, classify and predict information and behaviors.

Generative Design

Designemergente implements mathematical models to explore fast and economically different design options. Parametric and Generative models are useful to anticipate problems, analyze design alternatives, prepare documentation for fabrication, etc.

Software Development

We develop custom software to our clients to optimize workflows, to research and development, to make the difference among their competitors. We are specialized in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper plugins and interactive applications.


We provide our clients width honest and professional advise in computational design and geometry optimization. We look to create long term relationships and be part of collaborative teams, share our knowledge and support a common vision.